Moderately Haunted Colette Penny Dress

I’ve been putting the Colette Penny on my Make 9 lists for eons- or at least since the pattern came out. I bought this fabric from La Mercerie AGES ago. Probably a little less than a year ago. The fabric is a beautiful lawn that I think La Mercerie is particularly known to stock. I always know when shopping with La Mercerie that the fabric will be not only beautiful but high quality for making garments.

Gathered York Pinafore for Spring

I’ve been meaning to make a gathered York Pinafore by Helen’s Closet ever since Helen released the hack on her blog ages ago. I actually was more interested in sewing the gathered waist York than the regular one, despite making the un-hacked pattern first. I have been really practical with my fabric buying in 2019 and I invested in some charcoal essex linen blend fabric from cottoneer to finally churn out the gathered waist York of my dreams.

#EyesOnThePies March Pie: Caramel Apple Pie for Pi Day!

Did you think I would miss posting on world Pi day? Of course not. I’m a pie driven woman. I know I say this every month but I think this is my favorite pie to date. I’m extremely picky about my apple pies so I was unsure about adding the caramel to this pie. There’s nothing I hate more than those sickly sweet supermarket apple pies where all you can taste is the sugar syrup and not the apples. However I got a few messages from people on instagram saying that this recipe is the best in the book so I knew I had to give it the ol’ college try.

#EyesOnThePies February Pie: Black Bottom Lemon Curd

I haven’t given up on pies yet! February is a difficult month for me when it comes to after work activities, being a florist at Valentine’s Day and all. The first half of the month is spent basically working my ass off and the second half feels like a long term recuperation period. I have gotten almost no sewing done this month, but I have done a bit of knitting at knit nights with my gals!

Exorbitant Bodies: Where do we fit in the sewing world?

As some of you may know, roughly 2 weeks ago there was a blog post made by a hugely popular knitter, Karen Templer, which offended many in the knitting community with its imperialistic undertones. I found the response to the post within the fiber community to be thrilling and empowering and thought to myself that I hoped if the time came to speak up in the sewing world, that we would be brave enough to do so with grace and dignity. I didn’t realize how quickly it would come. 

2019 Goals and Resolutions

I’ve been recording my new years resolutions on the internet for… golly I think it’s been 8 years. I started with little recaps on tumblr and it’s followed me on every blog I’ve ever had. I’m not particularly good at keeping resolutions but as a newly minted women in her late twenties I feel slightly more obliged to actually doing the things I’ll say I will.

Reflecting on 2018: This year was totally ass.

This title is only… 60% clickbait. This year was fucking hard as balls. This year was kind of like a double entendre of being so stressed with my personal life that I had to forcibly tune out all of the buck wild shit happening in the world, like children being held in detention centers at the border and an attempted rapist being appointed to the supreme court. If you know me at all in person (actually this is probably easy to figure out online as well) you know i’m not usually a glass half full birds chirping in my ear kind of girl. But as hopeless as shit seems to seem right now in December of 2018, I do feel significantly tougher and like I have a better understanding of myself and my needs now than I did a year ago. So let’s talk about what I learned. 

Wild Horses: Deer and Doe Magnolia Dress Review

Hi ya’ll!

Good use of “ya’ll” I think considering the western horses in this dress. You probably do know, but if you don’t, I grew up as a competitive equestrian. I had a white horse and everything. I wasn’t in any way western- I was one of those prissy girls in tall leather boots and fitted jackets. Anyways, I like to think this dress is inspired by a dress I had when I was a teenager which I LOVED but was fast fashion and fell apart pretty quickly. I like to think this is a sort of wild resurrection of that dress, pictured here.

8.31.19 Tiny Acts of Self Care

Hope you guys are doing well. I'm 1000% OVER summer and hoping the weather sends me a fucking break in the next couple of weeks. It's supposed to be 90 degrees here the next week so I'll probably just melt into the concrete floor of the florist warehouse so you can catch me there. 

Ren Fest 2018: M7763 Angela Clayton for McCall's

If you know me at all in real life or have been following me for a few years, you know I indulge in one unabashed weird thing every single year: The Sterling Rennaisance Festival. Not only do I "attend" the festival, but I go all out. All the fuck out. No stops. I've been making full-blown gowns for 4 years now, and a few haphazard costumes for years before that. I usually attend with my best friend Stephanie (of firedfigments fame) and her partner Adam. This year we lost Adam to the trauma of lots of work, but I finally got to drag Sam. 

How I Feel After Losing 50 Pounds

I’ve been fairly quiet about the life changes I’ve made in my diet around the internet. Every once and a while I’ll post to my Instagram stories about it or mention it here on my blog. It feels inauthentic to leave this large part of my life out of the blog and off of my social media on purpose, and it also feels redundant to skitter around it with introductions and explanations every time I talk about it. 

Read Recently: Radical Extremists and My Favorite Book of 2018.

Podcasts are my bread and butter, but since increasing my work hours I've been reaching out to audiobooks to fill my time and satiate my need for long-form narrative. Something you may not know about me is that I grew up LOVING reading- the bookstore was a dangerous place where I would sometimes approach my mother with a stack of 10 books I "couldn't bear to live without." In college, I struggled to balance reading for fun with my workload and my adult brain. I'm still convinced that being medicated for manic depression affects my focus and makes reading very difficult for me as an adult. Anyways, audiobooks have been a huge saving grace for me as an adult, and I'd love to have a more open dialogue about what I'm reading as an adult. Goodreads isn't really my cup of tea, so the easiest way for me to share my thoughts is through here! 

Father's Day: Things I've Learned from My Dad

Dad and daughter relationships are complicated. In some ways, I feel like my Dad knows with the most painful accuracy what kind of person I am, and sometimes I feel like we’re on totally different planets. My dad is talented and knowledgeable about the kind of things I know nothing about: accounting, car fixing, general knowledge of directions. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned from my Dad in the past 25 years that I treasure most.