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Flowers In Her Hair: Colette Aster Blouse

Flowers In Her Hair: Colette Aster Blouse


What's up! We back in the game!

As an act of self care, I finally cut into my BELOVED Rifle Paper Co Rayon Challis (also I just figured out that it's pronounced shall-EE and not shallis like chalice? what the heck) which I had been hoarding for 6 months. I bought it for a different blouse pattern but i'm very happy with the Colette Aster, which I've admired from afar for a while but wrote off as something that would be unflattering on my body type. 


Surprise! It worked! I need to learn to be more confident in myself as a seamstress because I was able to make the adjustments that made this blouse fit and flatter, and was extremely pleasantly surprised with the result. Speaking of those adjustments, this pattern helped me tune and trim my personal version of an FBA to a point where I feel superbly confident in my own skills. First of all, I know from personal experience, that colette measurements are all screwy on my body. On the body measurement chart, I should be cutting a size 20 or 22, but if I was going to choose a size right out of the package, the most flattering on me would be a size 16. This may sound familiar to you if you've read any of my seamwork reviews or just like read this blog at all. Plus size sewing is... a trip you guys. 


Okay so into the nitty gritty- here are my adjustments:

I cut a size 16 back piece, yoke, and sleeve. Cut a size 14 front and popped a fat 1" full bust adjustment up in that sucker. I've pretty happily found the sweet spot of what size to cut and alter, but i've found if i cut all of my pieces a size too small and perform an FBA the shoulders and back tend to be a smidgen too tight. I found sizing the non-bodice pieces up gave me the wiggle room a girl needs to boogie down. I LOVED the fit of this altered blouse, but i did find a little- actually, i don't know the word for this phenomenon. It's when your buttons aren't like pulling apart in a traditional gapping, but the fabric still separates enough to show that inner sideboob. is there a name for this? The super sexy button skidoo? Anyways this happened in this blouse so I popped a sew-on snap in-between the second and third button (the sweet spot, if you will) and was ready to party.


No really, I've been loving this blouse. I even love it not tucked in (gasp) over jeans, which is literally my least favorite thing to do. The silhouette is girly and flattering but still professional, which is my biggest relief. I love something I can move and work in but still make me feel pretty. This pattern is such a nice alternative to the boxy button up that I like the idea of, but never actually like on my body. 


I had been hoarding this fabric, sure it was going to be a dream to sew, and jesus I was right. I love bright reds, but I've been DEEPLY seduced by the eggplant version of this pattern. I can't decide on a pattern for it, so I would love some suggestions in the comments. 

Also if all of my readers could please do a loud chant for comfortable fall weather, that would be swell. It's been mid 80's all week here in Rochester and I am fucking over it. Anyone else dying to start fall sewing but drowning in their own sweat???

Hope wherever you are it's not sweltering!!!

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