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Brave the Winter Blues: Geodesic Sweater by Blueprints for Better Sewing

Brave the Winter Blues: Geodesic Sweater by Blueprints for Better Sewing

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Hi guys! Hope you're all braving the snowpocolypse out there, or if you're in a warm spot I hope you're living it up. This weekend temps were below 0 here in upstate and it was hard to leave the house at all. But every Sunday Sam and I try to go to this specific coffee shop in the city to sit down, talk about what we thought about that week, and plan the upcoming month. It was so cold this weekend I couldn't help but snuggle up in my freshly made Geodesic sweater. 

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The Geodesic has been on my to-make list for a long time. I heard an interview with Taylor McVay, the designer behind Blueprints, ages ago on the Have Company podcast and I was totally enamored by her approach and attitude towards pattern making and its relationship with quilting. I've meant to make a Geodesic sweater ever since (I'm also dying to make an A-Frame skirt and her new Moderne coat) so this year I buckled down and committed. It also helped that Caroline of Blackbird Fabrics posted these absolutely dreamy sweater knits in her store that I couldn't pass up. Looking back I would say that this sweater is VERY soft and comfy but the fabric was not a perfect match for this project. I would love to make it again out of a thick ponte to show off the really cool style lines in this garment. 

Photo Jan 07, 2 13 15 PM.jpg
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The Geodesic was a surprisingly simple make, despite appearances. The instructions are flawlessly specific but not redundant, and they include a special FBA instruction for this very specific pattern. Making it was a breeze but I do think on my next one I'll make it a few sizes smaller. I was worried the pattern would be too cropped but this size hits at my hips. 

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I would love to make another version of this soon, before winter is over even. I also would love to make a woven version of this top. I'm pretty sure there's a tutorial for making a tee out of the geodesic pattern on the blueprints blog. 

Photo Jan 07, 2 07 56 PM.jpg
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For the record:

Skirt is handmade Leonora from Seamwork

Glasses are the Skunkboy from Bonlook

Scrunchie with the bow is old from American Apparel

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Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what winter essentials you're going to make before spring hits. 

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