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Delightfully Denim York Pinafore

Delightfully Denim York Pinafore


Hi Guys!

Long time no see. To be honest I’ve been doing a lot of making and sewing but most of it has been for home stuff I don’t have time to photograph or for the banners I’m selling these days. I did manage to squeeze out this York Pinafore by Helen’s Closet as bit of self care this week.


I originally purchased the pattern because I’m in love with Helen’s Gathered Waist Hack for this pattern. But I kept needing versatile outfit pieces for fabric already in my stash and this denim I bought from Blackbird Fabrics two years ago was just screaming to be cut into. I also kept seeing this weird facebook add for a denim pinafore and I was really into it.

Photo Nov 03, 5 42 55 PM.png

There isn’t much to report about the York Pinafore. It’s a very well designed pattern that fits and is so intuitive to make. I loved finishing off my pockets with bias tape and it’s super easy to fit. My denim is stretchy so I made a size smaller than my measurements hoping to get more wear out of the garment on my health journey.


This project involves a lot of Bias tape, which is my favorite way to finish off arm and neck holes. I cut like 15 yards of black and white chunky gingham into bias tape and used it as an excuse to build up backstores. Now I’m living in bias tape central.


And that’s my York! I’m hoping to have more up on the blog soon but to be frank December is pretty slammed for me. In-between craft shows and extra work hours it’s a crazy season. I’ll also be moving into my space at The Yards this month, so look out for that!

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