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#MakeNine2019 An In Depth Look at Next Year's Sewing Plans

#MakeNine2019 An In Depth Look at Next Year's Sewing Plans

Hello all!

As some of you know and I’m sure a few of you don’t, I’ve moved my making space out of the studio apartment Sam and I share and into a small but perfect studio space at the Yards in the public market! I’m lucky to have such a convenient spot a walkable distance from home for a great price and with all the amenities I need.

That being said, I’m so excited to be more serious about making in the next year. I wanted to go through my i #makenine2019 in depth and talk about the things I plan to make in 2019.

Persephone Pants


The Persephone Pants by Anna Allen have been one of those pants I’ve been guiltily waiting for my tummy fupa to be relatively more in control to make. However, this year i’ve seen SO MANY makers of different sizes make these and they look freakin slamming on everyone. I haven’t committed to a color of pants yet, because logically I feel like I should make black because I almost exclusively wear black pants but for some reason I’m tempted to make them in like a creamy eggshell color? Is this a terrible Idea? Let me know.

The Darling Ranges Dress


I’ve been meaning to make a Darling Ranges Dress for ages. Just plain, in a solid color, preferably a thick chambray. I just keep pushing this dress to the bottom of my list and it never happens. My main priority for 2019 is sturdy, solid closet pieces that will shift with a changing body and instill confidence.

Sunset Highway Sweater


I’ve been meaning to make a Sunset Highway Sweater from Boyland Knitworks for all of last year, but whenever I’m ready to cast on a new project I chicken out on my color choices. I’m obsessed with the pink, purple, and charcoal one in my original make 9 pic, but I don’t actually wear a lot of purple in my day to day life. I am tentatively resting on a mustard, eggshell white, and charcoal color scheme but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Let me know what you guys think.

Myosotis Dress


The hard part about Make 9 plans are that new patterns come out throughout the year and you push stuff aside to make them. The Myositis Dress by Deer and Doe was the slam dunk of the 2018 summer season. I put it off and put it off because I actually hate sewing gathers until it was suddenly fall and no longer apropro. I love the white sample also but god i spill coffee on everything so I’ve also been tossing back and forth thoughts on fabric choices. My best idea so far is to avocado dye some cotton fabric to use for this dress.

Adrienne Blouse


The Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company is such a hot freaking bop and I’m obsessed with it. It’s perfect for winter, spring, summer and fall. I have no idea what color I’m going to make but I see many in my future for this year.

Nurtured Sweater


I had just committed and bought the yarn for my Carbeth sweater when Andrea Mowry released her Nurtured sweater and I lost my entire mind. I snatched up the pattern right quick and pretty sure it will be my next cast on. I’m debating between a charcoal or light grey color but I’m so excited to knit this sweater.

Geodesic Sweater


I made a geodesic a year ago and I loved the pattern but ended up regretting my fabric choice. I need to make a thick and warm geodesic for work and just general winter wear. I’m almost 90% sure I’m going to use this charcoal french terry from blackbird.

Moderne Coat


I’m obsessed with the Moderne Coat from Blueprints. It came out around this time last year and I’ve been drooling over it ever since. I’d love to make an oatmeal or light grey with hand knitted cuffs and collar. I probably won’t start this bad boy until next fall.

Colette Penny


I have no excuses not to make the Colette Penny in 2019. I have the pattern, I have the fabric. I just keep missing the season. I’m excited to finally stab this one out in 2019.

Let me know what you guys think! Especially if you have fabric suggestions! Lord knows I need some of those.

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