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Beauty as Self Care: My Current Routine.

Beauty as Self Care: My Current Routine.

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I mentioned in a post during summer that I was feeling pretty blah about my appearance lately. My hair was unreasonable and unruly, by skin was dull and itchy, and i just wasn't excited to get up and look pretty in the morning. I discovered a couple of holy grail products that helped me deal with these issues instead of living in itchy skin grumpy town. I thought I’d share these with you incase you’re looking to boost your inner and outer radiance. 

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Vanity Planet Groove Shower Comb

Part of this active self care lifestyle was literally just taking my sorry ass to the dermatologist. I was like “Hey i’m itchy all over and my scalp hurts and I think my skin is going to die” and my dorm was like “How did you make it 25 years without knowing you have extremely sensitive skin and you should stop putting weird shit on your body?” so now I know. My scalp has been bothering me for over a year with its itchy disposition so i picked up the Vanity Planet Groove Shower Comb and my life is so much nicer. I don’t normally use the vibrate function it comes with, i just lather up my hair with shampoo and use the comb to gently exfoliate my scalp in small circles. I also use the comb after applying conditioner to distribute the product and untangle my hair while still in the shower. My scalp is so much happier and i find my hair is definitely easier thanks to this comb. 

Lush Soak and Float Shampoo Bar

Speaking of my sensitive scalp, I’ve also found that the Lush Soak and Float Shampoo Bar is just about the best shampoo for my current situation. I keep using my mom’s shampoo castoffs and find my long thick hair and dry scalp to be a constant struggle. I’ve used the Soak and Float bar before but I’m finally feeling long term committed to its magic. Also i’ve got Sam hooked on the wonder of shampoo bars so now i don’t think we’ll ever go back to regular shampoo. I’m still looking for the perfect shampoo to pair with this bar, but for now my scalp is soothed and my hair is happy. 

Bag Balm

If you know me at all in person you’ve probably met my secret weapon: Bag Balm. I grew up with horses, as most of you know, and Bag Balm was my right hand man back in those days for casual horse injuries and ouchies. It’s original intention is to moisturize the dry and cracked udders of milk cows. I use it on my ravenously angry winter chapped lips literally all day and all night. It’s 100% more useful than any chapstick i’ve ever used and i’m pretty sure the hand sized tub of it I still have from my equestrian days will last me my entire life. I love slathering on a thick layer on my chapped lips before bed and waking up to comforted, soft lips in the morning. 

Glossier Cherry Lip Balm

Because of Bag Balm i’m not really a “retail chapstick” because I kind of think they’re a rip off. They don’t actually moisturize, they just make you feel like your lips are moisturized until you eat it off. I picked up glossier’s cherry balm on a whim to get free shipping but I actually really like it. It’s nice to have a little thing to carry around that eases the pain of constantly chapped/stress chewed up lips. I specifically like the red cherry color the balm has, because it makes my winter zombie lips look like actual human features. 

Lush Mask of Magnanimity 

I’m actually really bad at keeping up with masks. I literally always buy them from lush, use them once, and then totally forget I have them. Lately I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 days a week and i feel like my face is always dirty with sweat. This mask from lush leaves my skin feeling cool and fresh after a workout and I feel so pampered when I use it. My skin has also been a lot better lately, and i’m going to blame it on the exercise and this mask. 

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and Priming Moisturizer

Speaking of skin, I’d be lost without my glossier essentials. I’ve been using both of these for almost 2 years now and i’m totally hooked. My skin has never been nicer and more well taken care of. I’d love to try the rich moisturizer from glossier but I just haven't gotten it to the top of my necessities list yet.

I’d love to hear what your guys’ physical self care routines are. Sometimes self care is just crawling out of bed and making it to the shower, but on a nice day it’s lovely to pamper yourself a little bit.

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