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Last Minute Galentines Gift: Reusable Makeup Pads

Last Minute Galentines Gift: Reusable Makeup Pads

If you don't know this about me: Parks and Recreation is my favorite show. Ever. And Leslie Knope is my spirit mother. Feminist, aggressively loving, and crafts for fun and to prove a point. Leslie started the tradition of Galentines Day: where the day before valentines day you celebrate your best lady friends. 


Last Year my good friend Stephanie of Fired Figments made me one of her classic dragon mugs in my favorite color (pink, duh) for Galentines Day and I did nothing. Let me tell you I looked like a DICK. So here's my suggestion to my seamstresses in the house for a quick sew that every gal can appreciate: no-waste reusable makeup pads. They may not be mosaic portraits made from the recipient's favorite soda, but they're do the trick. 

Photo Feb 06, 4 33 50 PM.jpg

Reusable makeup pads are not a new idea. You can buy organic ones on etsy or find tutorials on the internet. They're pretty self explanatory on the sewing side of things, so this isn't a detailed tutorial. I'm going to make a set for myself too, so if you want to know step by step how these are made I would be happy to shoot a tutorial. I did incorporate a new element I haven't seen on the web into my version of these wipes: I aded a 100% cotton batting in-between my two layers of fabric in order to make them a little plush. I figured as long as every layer of these pads are cotton, the batting will just add another layer to soak up the makeup remover and provide a more comfortable experience. 

I also think i made these pads a little too small. I traced the bottom of a beer glass in order to get the size, but my serger absolutely ATE some of these pads. I cut out 24 and got about 20 usable pads from them. It might even be easier to just do a tight zig zag stitch around the outside instead of serging because I did some HEAVY manhandling on these little disks. No matter what I would recommend cutting a few extra than you anticipate giving because with fidgety little pieces like this you never know what's going to happen. 

Photo Feb 06, 4 33 48 PM.jpg

There's a couple of ways to make the presentation of this gift dainty and pretty. I think a cool way to put send them out is to put them in a mason jar and soak them in makeup remover before giving them to the recipient. You could even make a label for the jar! I personally suffer from sensitive skin so I don't want to assume what products anyone else uses, so I tied up mine dry with a bow. You could also toss in your personal favorite makeup remover in the bag for an extra personal touch. 

These pads are totally launderable. You can hand wash them with the same soap you use to cleanse your makeup brushes, or if you're lazy like me you can toss them into your Sunday load of laundry. I know my friend Stephanie i very passionate about transitioning to a little to no waste lifestyle so I hope these gifts make her happy this Galentines Day. 


If you guys would like a detailed tutorial of these guys just leave me a comment! Also let me know how you're celebrating Galentines this year! I hope it's with waffles :)

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