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Ikat Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Ikat Tumbling Blocks Quilt

This post contains affiliate links and some of the fabric included was sent to me for review. All the opinions are my own.

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I’m going to preface this post by saying: I don’t consider myself a “quilter.” Some of you Know I made an illustrated quilt for my thesis at Parsons, and outside of that and a few projects with my grandma when I was learning to sew, I really don’t have any quilting experience at all. Sometimes I think I have more quilting experience than I actually have because of my days at the fabric counter at Purl. I advised many quilts, did that complicated math, and saw the finished projects when happy customers would bring them back.

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I knew I wanted to get back into quilting but I didn’t have a good excuse to do it until I received this beautiful genuine ikat from Fibers to Fabric. They have lovely hand printed fabric and real ikat for good prices and very quick shipping. The ikat fabric I received was stunning- rich color with a wonderful weave. It was a little gauzy and I was short on yardage to make a top but I really saw the ikat as a print in a homeware piece in our new apartment. So I set off making a quilt.

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I started with Purl’s Striped Tumbling Blocks tutorial. I drafted the shape of the trapezoid in illustrator and cut out the ikat on my Cricut Maker machine. Let me tell you, I struggled with this machine at first but completely honestly now it it the great love of my life. I cut this entire quilt out while watering the plants and doing house chores. I would just stop back every 10 minutes and pop a new rectangle of fabric on the mat, press a button, and it would cut out my quilt pieces. When I finished cutting out the ikat I decided I not only wanted to make the quilt bigger, but I also wanted to include some solid color chunks (is chunk a technical quilt term?) So I brought some of my scrap ikat to the fabric store and tried to color match the two colors. They’re not perfect, but after washing the whole quilt together I think the colors toned down a little bit and look a lot nicer. I cut these two matching fabrics out on the Cricut maker also, after doing A LOT OF MATH on how to make the quilt bigger.

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The quilt itself was super simple and I was honestly shocked at how quickly it came together. I would take 2 or 3 hours of my day off, get a chunk done, and then continue with my day. I was worried about the thin weave of the ikat but it came together fine. The hardest part was quilting on my machine, but I quilted a queen size quilt in my tiny living room in Bushwick once so I really can’t complain. Once he was done I popped that baby in the washer and drier right away because I’m an impatient baby and I want to get that sweet quilt wrinkle action.

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I love this quilt but my pup loves it more. Jelly Bean LOVES curling up on the quilt at the end of our bed at night and he was very skeptical when I went to take pictures of it. Eventually I would like it to be a couch blanket in our new apartment, and I’ll update you with the styling of it in our new space.

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Let me know what you think! I know it’s very simple but I’m very proud of myself! I would love to hear your confidant beginner quilt recommendations in the comments below!

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