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Wearable Basics: Gingham Seamwork Veronica

Wearable Basics: Gingham Seamwork Veronica

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I've been working lately on making pieces that are work wearable and shift with a changing body. With the new job I have to look nice and wear actual makeup when I go to work! Things are different when you're not rolling around with the pugs in the flowers all day (floristry is not like this, for the record. It's just a really unexpectedly dirty job.) 

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I participated in the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe workshop early in the spring and it took me a while to jump on the things I learned from the program. What I did learn is the colors and patterns that I actually want to wear, and this includes A LOT of black and white gingham. Like honestly, there's nothing that makes me feel better than wearing black and white gingham. I pulled an image of this dress for my inspiration board for Design Your Wardrobe, and I knew it would be super easy to make and I would wear it every day in the summer. 


Some basic changes I knew I needed to make from the dress above was that the bodice didn't need to be that drapey (hello big boobs) and I didn't want the rolled drop shoulder. The Seamwork Veronica is a dress I've had my eye on for AGES but never bit the bullet on until now. I also wasn't *completely* sold on the straighter more form-fitting skirt of the Veronica. I think for a different dress it would be fine, but for this flowy gingham summer frock, I decided to hack up a trumpet style skirt.  

Photo May 29, 11 09 44 AM.jpg

I made a few relatively simple hacks to the Veronica. I did a full bust adjustment to the formerly dart-less bodice to add a dart below the sleeve. I'm not 100% sold on this edit. The bodice of this guy is a little difficult to muslin because it looks funky no matter what you do without the elastic. Some of these pictures look fine, and some of them are a little baggier than I would prefer. 

In order to full-ify the skirt, I divided the measurement of the top of the skirt (near the waist) by 4, and the bottom of the skirt (the hem) by 4 also. I drew lines from top to bottom, dividing the skirt into 3 equal sections. I slashed those lines leaving hinges at the top near the waist and spread the bottom to have a 5-inch gap. I did this to each of the slash lines, filled the holes with new paper and taped that puppy down.  

Photo May 29, 11 09 32 AM.jpg
Photo May 29, 11 09 35 AM.jpg

I've been trying to incorporate more bespoke (aka hard) elements to my handmade clothes in order to make them feel more special to me when I wear them. This dress has *almost* all flat felled seams (my new favorite seam finishing technique) except the pockets got really fidley. I could really only find one written tutorial online about inserting in-seam pockets with flat felled seams. I messed up a couple of parts in this garment but I feel like I have a solid understanding of it for the next time around!  

Photo May 29, 11 09 42 AM.jpg

I also added some cheeky accents in a smaller matching gingham I have left over from another project. The sleeves are bound in this gingham and the pockets also have this accent. 

Photo May 29, 11 09 40 AM.jpg
Photo May 29, 12 02 41 PM.jpg

Almost forgot! Another big adjustment I made to this pattern was I left out the back seam and zipper. I always do this if I can, there's literally nothing I hate more than useless zippers in garments that don't need them. I'm not using this zipper AND it's plastic and will never biodegrade into the earth?!? Also, it gives you that weird lumpy back thing. Eff zippers. Unless a dress is so stiff and tight that it literally repositions my ribcage, i'm having none of it. 

Photo May 29, 11 09 33 AM.jpg

That's all folks! I'm sorry about my hair in these photos, good god it's driving me nuts right now. I'm tempted to chop it into a long bob in a couple of weeks when I get my roots done. Wish a girl luck!

Also: I literally hate open-toed shoes and i'm trying these sandals as an experiment so say something nice about them to improve my sandal self esteem.  

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