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Posey Party: Rifle Paper Co Named Patterns Ansa Dress Review

Posey Party: Rifle Paper Co Named Patterns Ansa Dress Review

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What’s up ya’ll!

Back at it again with more sewing. Who’da thunk it? Since stepping down from my former position at Rochester Brainery and into a much smaller position I’ve had much more time for sewing. Also just stuff around the house in general, which I would love to show you soon.

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I’m here today to talk about my Named Patterns Ansa Dress! Does anyone else feel like they are constantly resisting the urge to sew a party dress for the sake of “wearable basics” but then when you have a good reason to make a party dress you realize you have no idea what you actually want to make? That was me when I FINALLY got invited to a wedding like situation in Minneapolis. My beloved cousin Shevy was celebrating her marriage to her new husband Romain in her hometown after getting married a year earlier in Switzerland. I’ll take any excuse to go to Minneapolis to see that part of my family, let alone to drag Sam to a fancy party and put on a fun dress.

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I know most of you are here for the dress, but I had to just share how much fun Sam and I had at the party and also in Minnesota in general. I haven’t been able to attend a wedding style of event as a guest in probably 10 years. I see a lot of weddings in my line of work as a florist so it felt so nice to kick back and enjoy a party with my favorite people. I laughed, I drank a lot, I cried on my family. Life was good.

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Back to the dress. I’ve been on a muslin making kick lately which I feel everyone should recognize and personally write me a letter saying “Yes you’re an excellent seamstress now” because I’m actually trying instead of just winging every step.

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Anyway I’m super glad I made that muslin because it came out SUPER weird, as you may have seen on my instagram stories. I started with some basic adjustments- I distributed a 1” FBA in-between the pin tucks in the bodice and I flared out the skirt to make it more full at the bottom. I’m super bored by an unfitted pencil skirt on a dress like it shows in the pattern, but it was such an easy fix and I’m also REALLY into the top version included in the pattern.

Photo Aug 31, 1 50 06 PM.jpg

Anyways the boobs of my muslin were odd. This is not uncommon for me as a person who makes her own clothes for her weird body but It was a little confusing trying to understand if the problem was me or the pattern. I asked for advice on stories, thinking I was being a dumb blonde about it and it was a simple fix. I felt pretty validated when I got a TON of response but almost everyone had different answers to the same question. I ended up lengthening the pin tucks by almost 2 inches. This seemed insane to me, but as you can see in the picture above where I did it only to my right side, it was a simple and successful adjustment.

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Photo Sep 19, 12 50 08 PM.jpg

Other than these basic adjustments sewing was a total breeze! I really well constructed pattern with great directions. I know Named Patterns are held in high regard in the sewing community but this is actually my first dip into their pond! I’m really excited to work with their patterns again in the future.

Photo Sep 19, 12 50 00 PM.jpg
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That’s all I have for this one folks! The fabric is obviously this dreamy rayon challis from Rifle Paper Co. I was totally enamored with this pattern but it doesn’t really fit into my day to day color story in my wardrobe. I have… maybe a yard? left and I might try to squeeze an ogden cami out of it. It’s the prettiest thing on earth.

My belt is secondhand Anthropologie from Poshmark. From my ye olde days working at the store that shall not be named I know that it’s the best place to look for a sparkly belt. So I searched poshmark for an Anthropologie Belt and this one is perfect not only for this specific outfit but it fits well into my regular wardrobe.

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Have you sewn the Ansa dress? Do you have a long list of party dress patterns just waiting for the right party to pop up? Let me know in the comments below!

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