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2019 Goals and Resolutions

2019 Goals and Resolutions

I’ve been recording my new years resolutions on the internet for… golly I think it’s been 8 years. I started with little recaps on tumblr and it’s followed me on every blog I’ve ever had. I’m not particularly good at keeping resolutions but as a newly minted women in her late twenties I feel slightly more obliged to actually doing the things I’ll say I will.

Last year I also showed the most amount of willpower I’ve seen from myself in many many years, so I’m feeling like I’m going in strong to a new year. Especially considering all the trials and tribulations of the past year, I practically smashed 2019 open with a battering ram scraping “I HATED LAST YEAR GIVE ME A NEW ONE.”

Anyways, let’s get to the resolutions.

  1. Make 1 pie every month.

    If you know me at all in person you might be puzzled by this. I’m not great at cooking, and I’m even less good at baking. But for years I’ve been like “this year I’m going to learn to bake pies” and I’ve never done it. So this year I finally got a pie making book I’ve lusted after for years and I’m determined that the only way to finally get good is to just do it. Let me know if you wanna help me eat any of these freakin pies.

  2. Make at least one garment a month and work on Sablecraft banners year round.

    This shouldn’t be hard as I did pretty well with my garment sewing last month. But I tend to go all in on sewing garments or all in on banners and I feel like if I work a little on both year round I’ll have a better production process.

  3. Make another quilt.

    Last year I finally made a post college quilt and I was so happy about it. If I can do it once, I can do it again!

  4. Find something I like doing at the gym and stick to it. Also start lifting weights.

    My problem with the gym is I can’t find the right cardio. I really like cardio and I really like running, but my knees and shins get absolutely destroyed after a few weeks of running. The elliptical is okay but it takes so much longer to have the same impact as running and I find it frustrating.

  5. Host a party!

    I’m low key stealing this from Hannah who’s goal was to have a housewarming party, but I’d love to get our house to a place where we can host people and feel good about it. I’d love to start with just having our parents over, and end with a halloween party.

  6. Socialize our anxious dog.

    We’ve actually grown leaps and bounds with our pup in 2018 since we visited an anxious and aggressive dog trainer in September. I love my dog with every inch of my heart but I would love to get him to a place in 2019 where we can socialize with other dogs, or even just worry less about running into other dogs on our walks.

    Let me know what your resolutions are this year and if you have any advice (or good pie recipes!) let me know!

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