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Spruce up your space with Spooky Pillow Covers

Spruce up your space with Spooky Pillow Covers

Hey All!

We’re back and ready to start sprucing up our space for the spooky season. For me that means making it looks like a cool elementary school teacher who doubles as a witch in 1960 lives in my home. Pillows are a fun way to change up the mood of a living room without dropping a ton of cash. I swear if you’re buying new pillows for every season you’re wasting your money: PILLOW COVERS MY GUY.


I like a lot of pillows to begin with so for most of these pillows I just made new covers. I also use those mud cloth inspired pillows all year round but thought they went well with my black/white/orange halloween vibe.

Here’s a little gif of me changing the room around!


My favorite way to make pillow covers is to make envelope covers. No zipper, no hand sewing and easy to switch out? Yeah that’s the way to go. It’s pretty instinctual to make if you’re a sewer or a quilter but this tutorial goes over the topic pretty well if you need a step by step.


Here’s a list of all the fabrics I used to make pillows!

Halloween Novelty

Gingham Quilting Cotton

Flocked Canvas

Similar Mudcloth Fabric

Bonus! Orange Throw Blanket


A few pieces of advice about buying fabric: If you want one pillow (around 18-20 inches) with an envelope back always overestimate the amount of fabric. I only bought 1 yard of the halloween novelty fabric but got two pillows out of it by making the back envelope part out of black canvas. This is my favorite way to save!!!

I also hate buying pillow inserts. They’re so overpriced. Some advice I have for you on this front is to RECYCLE MY GUY. A super easy way to get cheap pillow inserts is to go to the thrift store and buy throw pillows and use those inserts. This low key freaks me out a little (sorry i’m scared other people drooled on the pillows) so I used what I had on hand. You may have noticed if you follow me on instagram that Sam and I just inherited a king size bed from my grandma when she decided to downsize to a queen. She gave me all of her sheets along with a bunch of pillows (why? this is still unclear). It became very clear very fast that we just had too many bed pillows in the house, so I stole some and used their stuffing to fill the flocked geese pillows!

I’m planning on using these pillows all year so I wasn’t worried about making covers, but it would be super easy to make a pillow out of scraps to just make many covers for in the future!

Pillow dissection in action!

Pillow dissection in action!

That’s all folks! Do you have a better way to make pillow covers? Let me know!

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