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A Very Utilitarian Geodesic Sweatshirt

A Very Utilitarian Geodesic Sweatshirt

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If you’ve been watching me and my sewing lately you might be thinking that it’s been less than exciting lately. Maybe it is! Maybe my style is just changing. Maybe I just reach for more utilitarian clothes these days. Lately I’m spending A LOT of my time in a cement warehouse in the cold Rochester winter, and have been wearing a lot of leggings under jeans and mostly my everlane recycled sherpa sweatshirt. I realized I need more than 3 or 4 sweatshirts so the geodesic shot right up to the top of my to-sew list.

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I love the Geodesic pattern. I made it about a year ago but now it doesn’t quite fit the way I want it to. the fabric was also thinner than I would like and didn’t insulate very well in the Rochester winters. Also you may know that my IRL Sewing BFF Hannah has made probably the most viral Geodesic’s ever made and in comparison to her I look like a sad charcoal ghost. Something about color blocking just totally paralyzes me. I love a print, I love print mixing and matching but ask me to make a color story and I clam up hardcore. This is also why I can never commit to color work knitting.

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It’s not that I can’t come up with cohesive color combos, I went to the best design school in the country for goodness sake but I can’t decide what color story I can fit into my closet. If you have any suggestions for helping figure this out let me know, because I need to start the Sunset Highway Sweater at some point this year and for gods sake I CANNOT commit to a color pallet.

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Okay, now that you know why I’m boring, let me tell you about this lovely french terry from Blackbird Fabrics. I really, really, really hate shopping for knit fabric. There’s nowhere local to buy good knits, and buying online is such a huge struggle. You never know if you’re getting a flimsy knit more suitable for underwear or a thick knit with little stretch. I always trust Blackbird to curate a selection of high quality knits and I’m never afraid to shoot them a DM or ask for a sample. Their samples ship free even though I always offer to throw my money at them. They never take it.

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This french terry is thin but so warm and soft. It has tencel and cotton in it so it’s really silky in hand, almost feels cashmere-y. It’s super easy to throw on over tees and dresses to warm up an outfit a little bit. Even shooting these photos I was pretty fine out in the 19 degree wet and wild Rochester weather. Sam kept complaining about his cold hands but this is what you do for love I guess. You can even tell Jayne wants to go inside in these pics. He would much rather be snuggled up watching real housewives in his den of pillows and blankets. Anyways what I’m trying to say is that this fabric is thin but soft and warm.

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As for the pattern, I sized unreasonably far down because I wanted it to be really cropped and fitted and then did a 1.5 inch full bust adjustment which is (thankfully) fully explained in the instructions of this pattern. Can you imagine me trying to hack this up without direction? God forbid. I’m much happier with the fit on this Geodesic in comparison to the one I made about a year ago, and I’m low key planning to make a woven the shirt version this summer. Don’t hold me to that I love to disappoint people.

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So that’s it! My first make of the year! And it’s even on my 2019 Make Nine. Low key killing it this year.

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