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#EyesOnThePies March Pie: Caramel Apple Pie for Pi Day!

#EyesOnThePies March Pie: Caramel Apple Pie for Pi Day!

March Pie_7.JPG

Did you think I would miss posting on world Pi day? Of course not. I’m a pie driven woman. I know I say this every month but I think this is my favorite pie to date. I’m extremely picky about my apple pies so I was unsure about adding the caramel to this pie. There’s nothing I hate more than those sickly sweet supermarket apple pies where all you can taste is the sugar syrup and not the apples. However I got a few messages from people on instagram saying that this recipe is the best in the book so I knew I had to give it the ol’ college try.

March Pie_1.JPG
March Pie_3.JPG

I think I’ve also begun to get the hang of making dough and rolling it out. I’m still struggling to get a nice edge to my crust but i’ll figure it out. This crust was significantly flakier and nicer than the crust from my first apple pie so I was very pleased with it. I do think in the long run I should have used a top crust that covers more of the pie instead of the plaits I went with. It probably would have made for a better cook in the center but it was fun to try the braids.

March Pie_5.JPG
March Pie.JPG

You may also notice that the top of this pie is a little… well done. This is because I fell asleep while the pie was in the oven and Sam had to pull it out for me, god bless that man. This pie absolutely did not disappoint. It tasted wonderful, and I brought it to a birthday party for a friend from work and was lucky so many people ate it because I definitely could have slam dunked this whole pie into my face. I feel like when I make it again I can play with the flavors even more, play up the caramel and the lemon flavors in the pie.

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