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Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank in Nani Iro

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank in Nani Iro

Eucalypt Tank_1.JPG
Eucalypt Tank_22.JPG

Hi All!

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that in transit from my home to my studio at the Yards I unearthed about a yard and a half of 2015 Nani Iro Double Gauze I bought when I worked at Purl Soho. It’s beautiful and when I worked at Purl I just kept buying single yards of fabric. Why? No idea. But I was struggling to figure out what I could make with it when Megan Nielsen emailed me about making their Eucalypt tank I felt like it was fate. I don’t actually believe in fate but it did feel awfully convenient.

Eucalypt Tank_18.JPG
Eucalypt Tank_28.JPG
Eucalypt Tank_9.JPG

I did make a few adjustments to the Eucalypt tank, but nothing I wouldn’t edit in any other pattern. The Eucalypt is a woven tank pattern without a dart, so obviously, I added a dart. You’ve heard it before and you will hear it again: I do not live the no dart lifestyle.

Eucalypt Tank_25.JPG
Eucalypt Tank_19.JPG

Since I only had one yard I did end up fussy cutting the back so that there’s a seam, but I kind of think it looks nice. I also added about an inch of length so I can comfortably perform the french tuck.

Eucalypt Tank_11.JPG
Eucalypt Tank_7.JPG
Eucalypt Tank_21.JPG

What is there to say about a woven tank top pattern? It’s cute, it’s comfy, it gets the job done. I like that the arms and neck are bias bound, which is my preferred way to finish arm and neck holes. Does anyone actually like a facing? Facings give me nightmares.

Eucalypt Tank_3.JPG
Eucalypt Tank_24.JPG

That’s all I’ve got! If you’re looking for a simple, flattering woven tank, the Eucalypt has got your back. Let me know what your favorite small yardage buster patterns are!

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