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Moderately Haunted Colette Penny Dress

Moderately Haunted Colette Penny Dress

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I’ve been putting the Colette Penny on my Make 9 lists for eons- or at least since the pattern came out. I bought this fabric from La Mercerie AGES ago. Probably a little less than a year ago. The fabric is a beautiful lawn that I think La Mercerie is particularly known to stock. I always know when shopping with La Mercerie that the fabric will be not only beautiful but high quality for making garments.

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The making of this dress was extremely satisfying from a seamstress point of view. So far this year I’ve made a bunch of easy projects so it felt good to flex some problem solving skills with this dress. It’s also extremely well designed not only for ease of construction but also for style. I love that the buttons stop at the waistband and on the skirt there are snaps.

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The dress was really straight forward to construct and I really squeezed it out of the 4 yards I got of this fabric. I did have a little issue where I must have cut the waistband incorrectly because it was like 6 inches too small. I ended up using what I had cut for both the inner and outer waistband as a combined outer waistband and lined it in my leftover essex linen I used for pockets and under collar. It turned out fine I just needed to do a little problem solving.

Colette Penny_13.JPG
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A few purposeful adjustments I made were a 1” FBA and I omitted the gathered sleeve. I was trying to explain to instagram stories why I can’t fuck with a gathered at the elbow sleeve. It’s just… too twee? But in like a matriarchal way? It’s impossible to explain but I am much happier with the standard short sleeve. It’s a smidgen more masculine than the gathered option but also more accurate to a 1950’s look.

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This dress totally launched me on a spring dress sewing kick. Actually I probably need to get off the spring dress sewing kick because I don’t have a ton of opportunities to wear dresses at work. I’m a weekend dress woman.

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That’s all today folks! Let me know if you’ve made a Penny or if you want to for spring!

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