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5 Things I Learned from My Mom

5 Things I Learned from My Mom


My mom and I have had a wild ride these past 26 years. She’s been my best friend, my boss, and we also argue like the dickens. I think that’s just part of growing up as an only child, going away, and then coming back into the family business. Today on Mother’s Day I’d like to not look back on all of the spats in the entryway of our home that ended in “YOU CAN’T GO OUT WEARING THAT” but instead on all of the important lessons my mom has taught me.

  1. How to Love a Pug


If you follow me at all on any platform, you’ll know I grew up in a strict pug loyal household. What you may not know is that my mom was driving the pug train since the beginning. When I was 8 or 9 we were considering getting a family dog and my dad and I were staunchly anti pug. I have a vague recollection of making a power point presentation on why we should get a golden retriever puppy. Somehow my mom convinced the family that we needed a pug and we got our first pug, Roxanne, a little while after. Now we’re a loyal pug family.

2. How to Be a Florist


Some people assumed we became florists because it came from my mom’s side of the family. Incorrect. My paternal grandmother started this business in 1951, and my dad is the youngest of 6 children. When my mom and dad decided to come into the business roughly 30 years ago my mom had no design experience and learned from my grandmother and the people around her. I’ve been in this business for as long as I’ve been alive, so it’s difficult for me to imagine her coming in suddenly with no experience. She’s a great designer and she taught me everything I know. And she’ll still rip apart my arrangements if she doesn’t think they’re good, trust me. I don’t get any special treatment.

3. Beauty is Pain.

Beauty is Pain Mango.JPG

I’ve been hearing it my whole life.

4. Be a Good Sport


I get my asshole competitive attitude from my mom. When she was a kid she may have snapped up a monopoly board and all the pieces and locked herself in the bathroom because she “wasn’t winning.” I like to win. I like being the best. My mom was a really great horse show mom back in the day. She’s not really a food maker by trade but she always had the tiny sandwiches and big bin of macaroni salad ready to go for show days. She used to bribe my horse with granola bars for good rides and I’m pretty sure she once cleaned a runny poo off my white horse before dressage. I’m very thankful for the can-do attitude she had for me and my boy at that very busy and hectic time in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever get to repay her for the hours she spent in the heat of summer walking cross country courses or in the brutal winter sitting in a tin box watching me ride. I hope I can pay it forward some day.

5. Make Good Choices


My mom’s been saying this shit since the cinematic masterpiece Freaky Friday featuring academy award winning actress Lindsæy Lohan came out in 2003. I, uh, have made plenty of bad choices. I’m sure we all have. But if I would have told myself 5 years ago that my life is on a steady incline, getting better and better as the years go by, I wouldn’t have believed you. The past 3 or so years I’ve gained a bunch of knowledge about myself and been able to make better choices. Thanks mom!

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