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Ultimate Cool Girl Tee Shopping List

Ultimate Cool Girl Tee Shopping List

I’ve been refining my style a lot for the past few years. I still feel myself evolving from the kitschy college pinup punk clothes I used to revel in back in the day, but I struggle feeling put together on the day to day when I work in a less formal setting. Regardless of what age I am, i’m a tee shirt lover through and through. As I grow into my (late) twenties I’m finding the soft spot between GRAPHIC TEE and the effortless look of a tee shirt tucked into well fitting pants or a skirt.

Here’s my list of effortless cool girl tees I’ve been eyeing for my new wardrobe.

cool girl tees.jpg

Links Listed Clockwise from Top

  1. I’m a huge fan of Vichcraft, both her chain stitching works and her graphic tees. I have one of her tees and it’s soft, well made, and more importantly effortlessly cool.

  2. Katie Kimmel is basically my hero. Her ceramic works are amazing, but I’m specifically obsessed with her wild food based graphic tees. I got Sam the chicken parm tee shirt for christmas and I steal it all the time.

  3. I’ve been drooling over Tradlands ethically made basic tees. I’m seeing them all over instagram, and I hope to see them in my greedy mits soon.

  4. Stay Home Club has been a favorite of mine for many years. I’ve become a bit more strong when it comes to their new releases but back in the day I would buy anything they made. The quality is always wonderful and they make me happy.

  5. The Bee and the Fox is a new to me company but I love their mother themed tees (even though i’m childless) and everything is so elegantly designed.

  6. Everyone can do next to no wrong in my eyes. They JUST AS I WAS WRITING THIS launched these tiny 90’s tees and I’m low key dying over here.

Let me know where your fave cool girl tees are from in the comments below!

Inari Tee in Manchester Embroidered Cotton

Inari Tee in Manchester Embroidered Cotton

Chambray Pauline Alice Faura Dress

Chambray Pauline Alice Faura Dress