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Very Easter Emery Dress

Very Easter Emery Dress

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Hello All!

Welcome to a very late post about my Easter Dress! I’ve been dreaming about making a seersucker fit and flair dress for ages but I didn’t have an excuse until I remembered Easter was a thing. I had also been itching for an excuse to make a Christine Haynes Emery Dress this year. Long story short, I used to be totally obsessed with this pattern when I first started sewing in 2015 and I could only be bothered to make fit and flair party dresses. I remember the pattern being amazing and my pal Hannah has been making a bunch lately so I wanted an excuse to sew one too!

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If you follow me on instagram you know your girl STRUGGLED with fitting this pattern. Hannah and I talked about it later and agreed that the pattern is wonderful and well drafted, but it begs to be fitted and perfected. So I just kept hacking and muslining and fitting to the point where I wanted to set the whole house on fire. You can go back to my story highlights to see that saga, but the long and short of it was I cut a 16 and did an FBA. It was all over too big with tight sleeves, so I cut a 12 and did a Full Bicep Adjustment and another FBA. This was too small and I was so frustrated with muslining and going back to square one that I just cut a 14 with an FBA and crossed my fingers.

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You can probably tell from these pics that the fit is not perfect still. It’s a smidge too big all over and the bust darts are a bit high. You win some and you lose some. I’m still totally in love with this dress and plan to wear it a bunch this summer, so I’m definitely not licking my wounds or anything. I talked a little bit on my stories about being frustrated with fitting for a body that is constantly changing as I continue to lose weight. It’s been humbling, and I’ve realized that my time is precious. We might think of sewing garments as a great treasure, but almost all garments are not permanent in our closets. Bodies change, clothes go in and out of style, and to be quite frank nothing is permanent. Sometimes I have to prioritize my time over the perfect fit and that’s okay.

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So, yes, not a perfect fit, but I’ll take it. And I was certainly glad it wasn’t tight when I slam dunked half a pie and 3 Genny Ruby Red Kolsche’s into my mouth. It’s cute, easy to style, and easy to wear. It made me happy and I only spilled coffee on it 30 minutes after putting it on, which feels about correct for my lifestyle.

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