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Inari Tee in Manchester Embroidered Cotton

Inari Tee in Manchester Embroidered Cotton

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Welcome back, we’re here again with clothes.

I feel like when you become a sewist, you are like: Dope, I’m gonna make a ton of basic woven tees out of all the dope ass fabric in the world. And then you realize that woven tees are kind of a bitch ass to make. It’s hard to find a pattern you like (at least to accommodate a big ol’ chest) and eventually you just kind of give up. Maybe I’m assuming here based on my own journey, but I gave up on the idea of a cool woven tee many many moons ago.

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A couple of weeks ago on instagram I was asking what everyone's favorite pattern was for 1 yard projects, and lots of you said an Inari tee. Now here’s my dumb ass over here, thinking that the Inari Tee by Named was only for knits. I was apparently incorrect. I was of course skeptical that it didn’t have a bust dart, but at the same time I was pondering all of this, Hannah (of @hannahmcorey fame) was making an Inari herself. She encouraged me to try it for myself, so I cut it out of this manchester embroidered cotton I had been hoarding for a couple of months.

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I’m gonna be straight with you now: I cut out this tee and then fucking abandoned it like the asshole parent I am. I let this puppy sit for months. I even lost the frickin’ bias tape I made for it somewhere in the abyss of my studio. But when I finally came back to it, this was a super pleasant sew. Quick, easy, and fulfilling. I can’t think of a better pallet cleanser sewing project and I can see a ton of these fitting into my wardrobe.

Inari Tee_16.JPG
Inari Tee_18.JPG

The only adjustment I made to this patten was adding a bust dart by performing a 1 inch FBA. I also lengthened the length by 2 or so inches because I’m pretty long waisted and I want to be able to wear this top to work. Would look good shorter though too for those coolio party moments! I just don’t have much use for coolio party moments.

Inari Tee_22.JPG
Inari Tee_24.JPG
Inari Tee_26.JPG

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today! Little talk but lots of pictures. Skirt is the Seamwork Leonora if you’re wondering! Let me know your favorite one yard busting projects!

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