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Wiksten Shift Dress in Katie Kortman Fabric from D&H

Wiksten Shift Dress in Katie Kortman Fabric from D&H

Wiksten Dress_5.JPG
Wiksten Dress_7.JPG

Hello all!

Today on the blog we have my first Wiksten Shift dress! Call me a follower but dang I fell hard for the hype around this pattern. I’m still… not 100% sold on the silhouette of this dress in particular but dang if it aint comfy as shit.

Wiksten Dress_1.JPG
Wiksten Dress_2.JPG
Wiksten Dress_3.JPG

When Tammy reached out to me about trying some of this new fabric from their Katie Kortman line, I was all in. This red and fuchsia print specifically spoke to me, mostly because they are both my two favorite colors, but also because the pattern slaps. The rayon is beautiful and super drapey but also completely opaque, which I love. The color is fantastic and I was super happy with the quality of the fabric.

Wiksten Dress_9.JPG
Wiksten Dress_11.JPG

Making the wiksten was… interesting. I measured to about a size 14, but sized up to a 16 instead of performing a full bust adjustment. I do feel like I’m swimming in it a little bit and I’ll be sizing down for the blouse version I’ll be making in the future. After wearing it for a day I really like the fit but I feel like it definitely doesn’t lend itself to the drapey-ness of this particular fabric. I feel like a midweight linen or a stone washed twill would slap really hard for this dress, not necessarily another rayon poplin.

Wiksten Dress_16.JPG
Wiksten Dress_18.JPG

I also had some construction issues. I don’t know… when I pay $16 for a pdf pattern that everyone is shitting bricks over, I expect to have a luxurious time making it. My first issue is that I kind of expected the back upper arm area thing (I know there’s a name for this I’m just blanking) to be incased and constructed with the burrito method. This was not the case in the directions but I will be doing this on my own with the blouse I’m making next. And then the back piece was meant to be gathered to create a billowing effect but the back blouse piece and the upper arm piece were almost the exact same size, so the gathering is really lackluster.

Wiksten Dress.JPG
Wiksten Dress_19.JPG

My biggest issue with the pattern is that my facings weren’t even relatively close to the size of the neck hole. Maybe I had some kind of stroke when cutting but it was multiple inches off with no way to save it. I’ll report back when making my blouse if I end up having the same problem again.

That’s all for today folks! I highly recommend checking out the full line of Katie Kortman fabrics by D&H and I’ll be back to report on my future Wiksten Shift Findings.

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