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An Unbiased and Unsponsored Review of Thirdlove Bras

An Unbiased and Unsponsored Review of Thirdlove Bras

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Hi ya’ll!

A few weeks ago I threw a shit fit and threw away my last functional bra. It was poking me in the boob and I was very mad at it. I asked some opinions on my instagram stories on where was the best place to buy real adult bras for a big ol’ chest and I got a ton of great recs but more than a few people suggested Thirdlove.

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Thirdlove has not been a new revelation to me. I mean I listen to podcasts and I know of their infamy. I’ve wavered back and forth on whether to shell out the dough for a real adult bra but obviously never pulled the trigger before. Mostly due to the price tag on these bras, but also because I am a picky bitch. I am a big boobed lady with the taste of a tiny waif. I love an unlined bra with an underwire and there’s nothing I hate on this good green earth more than a long line foamy bra. It feels like keeping an elephant in the chokee from the movie Matilda. I like to let the puppies breathe.

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Thirdlove does not have a good unlined option, which makes me feel very stabby. But I did my due diligence and ordered some foamy ass bras. The bras I ended up ordering were the Classic Tee Shirt Bra in Soft Pink and the 24/7 Lace Balconette Bra in Sea Salt. I ordered both in a 36G. Emerald Erin, god bless her heart, recently told me while I was pattern testing for her (this is paraphrased, she said it much nicer than this) “You can’t just wear a DDD bra instead of a G because it’s cheaper. You look like an idiot.” And she was dang right. So I committed to the G, even though it seems like a ridiculous letter. G is so far away from A. Like waiving at San Francisco from the empire state building.

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Before I get into the tea, I just want to let you know I came into this process skeptical. I have heard so many great reviews, especially from other big busted ladies out there on instagram. However, I’ve also heard some mixed reviews. I particularly took to heart the opinion of Hannah, pal of the blog, who said she had ordered multiple bras from them and had no luck and found them all uncomfortable.

That being said, I really like these bras.

I know, shocker, all that build up just to say I really enjoyed the bras.

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I think part of my general love of these bras is that they fucking fit for the first time in my gd life. No overhang! no back bloat! We have been blessed! When I first pulled the bras out of the box I held both cups in my hand and held them out to Sam and said “You could fit not one but two golden retriever puppies in these. You could close a golden retriever puppy in the bra and put him in puppy jail.” But apparently, news flash, that’s how big my boobs are. Two flat golden retriever puppies.

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What’s there to say? They’re two great fitting bras. I do have a few minor complaints. I find the lace Balconette bra more comfortable because the underwire fits a little better in the underwire channel. The tee shirt bra looks really great under clothes but it did involve some breaking in. The underwire stops about 1.5 inches below the edge of the outer side of the cup and it poked me in the side for about a week or two in an annoying. I also find the straps slightly gaudy, especially for a tee shirt bra. I’m pretty partial to a thinner strap so it looks less noticeable with strappy tops. I was eyeing their 24/7™ Classic Contour Plunge Bra but when I ordered they didn’t offer the bra in my particular size (which is dumb). But now they do! So maybe I’ll try it in the future.

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The price of these bras still physically hurts me but it’s actually not that bad in comparison to other bras at that size. I may still be paying for these bras, but they’re worth it.

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Let me know if you’ve tried Thirdlove Bras and if you like them or not!!

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