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Renaissance Festival Worthy Vogue V9253

Renaissance Festival Worthy Vogue V9253

ren gown_1.JPG

Hello all!

Sorry it’s been so quiet over here- I’ve been busy getting Sablecraft (the tiny biz) ready for our fall craft shows along with a few collaborations with fabric stores and pattern companies. I’m glad I can finally share this hacked V9253 I made for my yearly renaissance festival weekend.

ren gown_10.JPG
ren FEST_80.JPG
ren gown_14.JPG

There’s not much to say about the construction of this dress. I’ve been superbly lazy with my FBA’s lately. I didn’t do one on this dress and it was clear I needed one as the back pulled up when the front was properly in place. It worked for the weekend though.

ren gown_17.JPG
ren gown_16.JPG
ren FEST_96.JPG
ren gown_22.JPG
ren gown_25.JPG

When it comes to the sleeve hack I simply lengthened the existing kimono sleeve to 30” from shoulder to hem and added elastic to the wrist. This year my goal was for a simple to construct and easy to wear dress that still felt exciting to wear all weekend. The excitement came from the chest action, which is something I’m definitely not accustomed to in my every day life. It took some nip covers and A LOT of double sided flash tape but I felt safe and secure all weekend.

ren gown_2.JPG
ren gown_35.JPG
ren gown_20.JPG

If you’re looking at this dress and thinking: the color of this fabric is dope but it looks thin and wrinkly, that’s because it is!!! I used 5 yards of Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton in blueberry that I had in my stash from when I worked at Purl. It’s had to complain because the dress was comfortable and light weight all weekend, but it is quilting cotton so it isn’t the most stunning or weighty garment in the world. Cooperated well with the flash tape though, so kudos for that.

ren gown_37.JPG
ren FEST_87.JPG
ren gown_44.JPG

I wanted to share a few pics of Sam from the festival as well. I made his tunic (not my best work) last year and he really went HARD on his costume this year. He inherited his bracers from his dad (long story) and handmade that wooded sword. That boy is always overshadowing me.

ren fest_9.JPG
ren fest_32.JPG
ren fest_43.JPG

That’s all for my festival pics folks! I’m going to be posting more of my general festival pics on instagram if you’re interested in those at all!

God save the queen!

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