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Pink Like the Lid of Your Eye: Pink Denim Seamwork Audr

Pink Like the Lid of Your Eye: Pink Denim Seamwork Audr

Photo May 06, 9 09 46 PM.jpg

Hey guys! I'm so excited to finally show off my pink Seamwork Audrey denim jacket! Many of you know that I'm an avid denim jacket wearer. During those awkward spring/fall months where it's too cold for no jacket but too warm for a thick jacket, denim jackets are a lifesaver. 

Photo May 06, 9 09 47 PM.jpg
Photo May 06, 9 09 48 PM.jpg

Despite my love for denim jackets, I never thought I'd make one. That was until I thought: Cloud 9 Organic Pink Denim + Seamwork's new Audrey Pattern = PINK DENIM JACKET. Also something that I never knew I needed until I thought of it. Also, this pink organic denim is literally the perfect color pink in the world. I was waffling between this color (heather) and the flamingo color, but I was very happy with the decision. 

Photo May 06, 9 09 55 PM.jpg
Photo May 06, 9 09 54 PM.jpg

The sewing seemed a little intimidating from the outside but really it was pretty simple and straightforward. I chose to enclose all of my internal seams using the flat felled method, and I really thought it was worthwhile and easy. I'll definitely be finishing more seams this way in the future. The pockets were a little fiddly and I found I had to tack them down on the inside to keep them from flopping around. I wished the outer seam of the pockets lined up better with the inside seams so I could have enclosed them and made a bigger inner pocket to put my phone in. But overall this was a fun sew and a great notch under my sewing belt. 

Photo May 06, 9 09 53 PM.jpg
Photo May 06, 9 09 52 PM.jpg

My approach for this jacket is "tastefully adorned" which is not my usual approach to denim jackets. I'm really bummed because I ordered Tuesday Bassen's Heart Lolli patch for the opposite lapel of this jacket but it didn't arrive in time for this shoot :(

Photo May 06, 9 09 49 PM.jpg

I love the look of an embroidered nickname over the lapel of a denim jacket. I don't really have a fun nickname, but Sam calls me Violet so that'll do. I hand embroidered this guy with a split stitch and think it's a sweet addition to the jacket. 

Photo May 06, 9 09 45 PM.jpg
Photo May 06, 9 09 50 PM.jpg

That's my jacket! My hair in this post is my futile attempt at this Kieko Lynn tutorial. These photos were shot in Highland Park on the first day the flowers really burst into bloom, and I'm a very happy lady to get to walk around with my Honey on this beautiful day.  

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