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So Nice I made it Twice- Megan Nielsen Cottesloe Bralette for Braugust

So Nice I made it Twice- Megan Nielsen Cottesloe Bralette for Braugust


Hello all!

Some of you may have noticed (from instagram) that I’m working with Spoonflower and Tailor Made Shop for Braugust this year!


After spoon flower reached out about working together, I was so excited to make a comfortable bra. I now own 4 heavy duty thirdlove bras so I knew I needed to make a lounge bra for this project. I tossed around a few lounge bra ideas before finally settling back on the Cottesloe as a bra top. You may have known that I’ve made the Cottesloe as a lounge set before and after much debate I decided I already loved it and it would be the best way to show off this GORGEOUS fabric from Spoonflower.


This fabric is from Red Briar Studios whose shop is absolutely chock full of beautiful patterns just begging to be made into beautiful garments. The specific one I used is this vintage botanical one. As a florist and professional plant mom I feel like the bomb diggity when I’m sporting this bralette. I’m tempted to order another yard to make sam a pair of boxer briefs so he can have plant daddy underwear too!


I thought I’d add a more thorough recap of the two ways I’ve made a lounge bra out of a twin top, and talk about the pros and cons and what I would do differently if (when) I made a third.

The first bra I made was out of a thick ponte with elastic bound arm and neck holes which is actually how the swimsuit is instructed to be finished by Megan Nielsen. This spoonflower bra is made out of their Cotton Spandex Jersey Prima which is easily my favorite knit fabric ever. I made my ye olde tee shirt line out of this fabric and demand to be swathed in it like a baby when I die. This fabric is very soft and stretchy but doesn’t have the same retention as a ponte, so I thought in my little noggin I would double it up and just line the whole bad boy in the fabric.


The thick elastic band is a simple tweak. Just don’t cut the casing in the MN pattern and attach that sucker right to the finished edge of your bra. For this bra I also secured the seam to the edge of the elastic with a zig zag stitch all the way around to keep it from flipping around.


There’s significantly less support to this bralette to the one I made out of ponte with the elastic arm and neck holes, but dang if it aint soft and comfy. If I made it again and was smarter, I would either line the entire bra in power mesh or bind the arm and neck holes with elastic before inserting the lining.

Thats all folks! Stay tune to my instagram for a cool giveaway this week!

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