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5 Things I Learned from My Mom

My mom and I have had a wild ride these past 26 years. She’s been my best friend, my boss, and we also argue like the dickens. I think that’s just part of growing up as an only child, going away, and then coming back into the family business. Today on Mother’s Day I’d like to not look back on all of the spats in the entryway of our home that ended in “YOU CAN’T GO OUT WEARING THAT” but instead on all of the important lessons my mom has taught me.

Exorbitant Bodies: Where do we fit in the sewing world?

As some of you may know, roughly 2 weeks ago there was a blog post made by a hugely popular knitter, Karen Templer, which offended many in the knitting community with its imperialistic undertones. I found the response to the post within the fiber community to be thrilling and empowering and thought to myself that I hoped if the time came to speak up in the sewing world, that we would be brave enough to do so with grace and dignity. I didn’t realize how quickly it would come. 

2019 Goals and Resolutions

I’ve been recording my new years resolutions on the internet for… golly I think it’s been 8 years. I started with little recaps on tumblr and it’s followed me on every blog I’ve ever had. I’m not particularly good at keeping resolutions but as a newly minted women in her late twenties I feel slightly more obliged to actually doing the things I’ll say I will.

Reflecting on 2018: This year was totally ass.

This title is only… 60% clickbait. This year was fucking hard as balls. This year was kind of like a double entendre of being so stressed with my personal life that I had to forcibly tune out all of the buck wild shit happening in the world, like children being held in detention centers at the border and an attempted rapist being appointed to the supreme court. If you know me at all in person (actually this is probably easy to figure out online as well) you know i’m not usually a glass half full birds chirping in my ear kind of girl. But as hopeless as shit seems to seem right now in December of 2018, I do feel significantly tougher and like I have a better understanding of myself and my needs now than I did a year ago. So let’s talk about what I learned. 

How I Feel After Losing 50 Pounds

I’ve been fairly quiet about the life changes I’ve made in my diet around the internet. Every once and a while I’ll post to my Instagram stories about it or mention it here on my blog. It feels inauthentic to leave this large part of my life out of the blog and off of my social media on purpose, and it also feels redundant to skitter around it with introductions and explanations every time I talk about it. 

Father's Day: Things I've Learned from My Dad

Dad and daughter relationships are complicated. In some ways, I feel like my Dad knows with the most painful accuracy what kind of person I am, and sometimes I feel like we’re on totally different planets. My dad is talented and knowledgeable about the kind of things I know nothing about: accounting, car fixing, general knowledge of directions. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned from my Dad in the past 25 years that I treasure most.

2018 Maker Resolutions

We've all seen everybody's Make 9 on instagram by now. I've even got one or two of mine out of the way already. But there are bigger things than a few specific patterns I want to pursue and learn in 2018. I've compiled a list of new creative things to explore in the new year, and I figured I'd share it with you to keep me accountable and help me along with your tips and tricks. 

#metoo: The dark reality of the relationship between plus size women and sexual assault.

You wouldn't be alone if you felt like currently we were having a little bit of a Boston Tea Party moment when it comes to outing big wig perpetrators of sexual assault. Weinstein? Throw him in the ocean. Andy Signore? Throw him in the ocean. That shitbag gymnast guy? Definitely get that dude in the water. Kevin Spacey? Throw that dude in the ocean asap.  I mean, we still have a turd president, but we’re working on it.