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Renaissance Festival Worthy Vogue V9253

Hello all!

Sorry it’s been so quiet over here- I’ve been busy getting Sablecraft (the tiny biz) ready for our fall craft shows along with a few collaborations with fabric stores and pattern companies. I’m glad I can finally share this hacked V9253 I made for my yearly renaissance festival weekend.

Emerald Erin Black Beauty Bra Pattern Review

Hello All!

Don’t freak out, this isn’t a bra blog now. A Braog if you will. Alas, this is the last of my chest meat (and upper tummy chunk) you’ll be seeing for a little bit. Or not! Who cares. Once you post one pic of yourself in a bra online, does it even really matter? I’m mostly just embarrassed that so many people now can see my stretched out first tattoo on my ribs. Don’t regret it, just not necessarily my best work.

Inari Tee in Manchester Embroidered Cotton

I feel like when you become a sewist, you are like: Dope, I’m gonna make a ton of basic woven tees out of all the dope ass fabric in the world. And then you realize that woven tees are kind of a bitch ass to make. It’s hard to find a pattern you like (at least to accommodate a big ol’ chest) and eventually you just kind of give up. Maybe I’m assuming here based on my own journey, but I gave up on the idea of a cool woven tee many many moons ago.

Chambray Pauline Alice Faura Dress

Welcome to summer in Rochester! Sam and I are so ready to wander around the market on sundays and look at… more plants we don’t need.

On to the dress. I made this dress a little more than a month ago and haven’t had time to shoot it until this weekend. it was a great sew, relatively easy pattern construction and straight forward directions.

Very Easter Emery Dress

Welcome to a very late post about my Easter Dress! I’ve been dreaming about making a seersucker fit and flair dress for ages but I didn’t have an excuse until I remembered Easter was a thing. I had also been itching for an excuse to make a Christine Haynes Emery Dress this year. Long story short, I used to be totally obsessed with this pattern when I first started sewing in 2015 and I could only be bothered to make fit and flair party dresses. I remember the pattern being amazing and my pal Hannah has been making a bunch lately so I wanted an excuse to sew one too!

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank in Nani Iro

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that in transit from my home to my studio at the Yards I unearthed about a yard and a half of 2015 Nani Iro Double Gauze I bought when I worked at Purl Soho. It’s beautiful and when I worked at Purl I just kept buying single yards of fabric. Why? No idea. But I was struggling to figure out what I could make with it when Megan Nielsen emailed me about making their Eucalypt tank I felt like it was fate. I don’t actually believe in fate but it did feel awfully convenient.

Megan Nielsen Cottesloe Swimsuit as a Loungewear Set

When Anita from Megan Nielsen Patterns reached out to me about making a couple of their new patterns I was all the way in. I have never actually made any Megan Nielsen patterns but I have a long list of her patterns I want to make, and I also have been loving watching her increase her size range recently. They sent over a tank (coming later next week) and a swimsuit pattern.

Moderately Haunted Colette Penny Dress

I’ve been putting the Colette Penny on my Make 9 lists for eons- or at least since the pattern came out. I bought this fabric from La Mercerie AGES ago. Probably a little less than a year ago. The fabric is a beautiful lawn that I think La Mercerie is particularly known to stock. I always know when shopping with La Mercerie that the fabric will be not only beautiful but high quality for making garments.

Gathered York Pinafore for Spring

I’ve been meaning to make a gathered York Pinafore by Helen’s Closet ever since Helen released the hack on her blog ages ago. I actually was more interested in sewing the gathered waist York than the regular one, despite making the un-hacked pattern first. I have been really practical with my fabric buying in 2019 and I invested in some charcoal essex linen blend fabric from cottoneer to finally churn out the gathered waist York of my dreams.

Exorbitant Bodies: Where do we fit in the sewing world?

As some of you may know, roughly 2 weeks ago there was a blog post made by a hugely popular knitter, Karen Templer, which offended many in the knitting community with its imperialistic undertones. I found the response to the post within the fiber community to be thrilling and empowering and thought to myself that I hoped if the time came to speak up in the sewing world, that we would be brave enough to do so with grace and dignity. I didn’t realize how quickly it would come. 

Wild Horses: Deer and Doe Magnolia Dress Review

Hi ya’ll!

Good use of “ya’ll” I think considering the western horses in this dress. You probably do know, but if you don’t, I grew up as a competitive equestrian. I had a white horse and everything. I wasn’t in any way western- I was one of those prissy girls in tall leather boots and fitted jackets. Anyways, I like to think this dress is inspired by a dress I had when I was a teenager which I LOVED but was fast fashion and fell apart pretty quickly. I like to think this is a sort of wild resurrection of that dress, pictured here.

Ren Fest 2018: M7763 Angela Clayton for McCall's

If you know me at all in real life or have been following me for a few years, you know I indulge in one unabashed weird thing every single year: The Sterling Rennaisance Festival. Not only do I "attend" the festival, but I go all out. All the fuck out. No stops. I've been making full-blown gowns for 4 years now, and a few haphazard costumes for years before that. I usually attend with my best friend Stephanie (of firedfigments fame) and her partner Adam. This year we lost Adam to the trauma of lots of work, but I finally got to drag Sam. 

Wearable Basics: Gingham Seamwork Veronica

I've been working lately on making pieces that are work wearable and shift with a changing body. With the new job I have to look nice and wear actual makeup when I go to work! Things are different when you're not rolling around with the pugs in the flowers all day (floristry is not like this, for the record. It's just a really unexpectedly dirty job.)